While it might sound intimidating, shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment used in a variety of health fields, such as physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, and orthopedics. Shockwave therapy is an ideal treatment for muscle injuries, relieving acute and chronic pain as well as assisting to speed up your recovery.

Shockwave therapy was originally developed to treat kidney stones and gallstones, it’s also effective for plantar fasciitis, calcific tendonitis, knee pain and a range of other treatments.

What Issues Can Shockwave Therapy Help You With?

Tennis elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, golfers elbow, jumpers knee (patella tendinitis), shoulder bursitis, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Hip or trochanteric bursitis, hamstrings tendinitis, and muscle knots.

What Can I Expect During A Shockwave Therapy Appointment?

Before we begin any shockwave therapy treatment with you, our physiotherapists will undertake a thorough assessment of your areas of concern to diagnose your injury. If it is decided that shockwave treatment is suitable for you, we will prepare you for shockwave treatment. This will take approximately 5 minutes. The treatment itself is mildly uncomfortable, which resolves as soon as treatment is completed. We will also include in your treatment massage, joint mobilisation, exercise prescription, taping, and education as needed.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

We recommend four to eight treatments of shockwave therapy at 5 to 7 days apart.

Currently, shockwave therapy is included at no extra cost and can be administered by your physiotherapist. Simply make an appointment and start today!

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