Studio Gym – Rockingham

Studio Gym: Studio Gym is an exercise system that focuses on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and helping to prevent injury. Studio Gym can help with back and neck pain as you gain control over small muscles which help stabilise your spine, therefore, decreasing the load on the injured areas. Stretching tight areas and strengthening weak muscles help to align your body and this helps with injury prevention.

Studio Gym is one on one training with your therapist over a period of 40-60 minutes, that provides direct supervision for a specific program designed around your needs.  It incorporates a range of clinical exercises.  Studio Gym emphasis is on strengthening the abdominals, improving posture, stabilising and lengthening the spine, improving balance and overall strength. Studio Gym is taught by therapists with specific training in this area. It focuses on pain relief and regaining normal body flexibility and strength. Generally it will be able to be rebated from private health funds.  Ideal for those clients who have back or neck issues and need careful controlled exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Private Health fund rebates are available.

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