Massage Therapy Rockingham

Remedial Massage Therapy is the treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.  Massage can help to reduce pain and restore function.  It also supports and accelerates the body’s own ability to heal. Massage is applied directly to the skin usually using oil.  Stretching and moving the joints through their range of motion may be included in the treatment. Apart from making you feel great, there are many benefits of Massage that can improve your quality of life.  During your first consultation your therapist will go through your health history and examine you to determine likely causes for the pain or dysfunction.

Benefits of massage:

  • Loosen and relax tight muscles
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Stimulates your Immune System
  • Promotes healing and helps prevent further Injury
  • Increases Blood flow and lymph circulation
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Improved Posture
  • Increased flexibility

Massage techniques provided by Grange Physiotherapy Massage Therapists include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage – slow, deep movement working along the muscle fibres
  • Trigger Point Therapy-works with referred pain patterns and compression of the tender spots within the muscle to reduce pain
  • Sports and Rehabilitation– movements across the muscle fibres, compression, vibration and deep tissue movements along the muscle fibres
  • Myofascial Release– slow stretching movements and gentle pressure using heat from therapists and client to release the fascia
  • Swedish Massage– relaxing strokes of effleurage, petrissage and percussion are used to increase circulation of blood and lymph
  • Reflexology-thorough foot massage to promote relaxation self healing and energy balance for the whole body

Massage is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy particularly with sports injuries and spinal dysfunction. While your physiotherapists may do some trigger point releases, extensive massage should be performed by a remedial massage therapist or experienced massage therapist. When joints are tight, muscles are often involved and need to be treated as well. Go on, spoil yourself. Book in for a luxurious massage at Grange Physiotherapy. We  offer Gift vouchers which are a wonderful present for that someone special. Remedial Massage Therapy may be rebated from your private health fund and in most cases can be claimed instantly through our hi-caps system.

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