Osteoporosis is thinning of the bones which causes bones to become brittle and increase the risk of fracture.  It is very common as we get older and occurs in both males and females.

The original theory was that weight bearing activity was vital in order to prevent weakness and thinning of the bones (which is what osteoporosis is) and sustain the strength of bones.  This is all very well if the thinning is occurring in the legs or weightbearing areas.  However this is not always the case and recent research indicates that strength training of all the limbs  plays an important role, as well as weightbearing activities.  On top of all this osteoporosis becomes most prominent in our later years.  Strength and mobility loss occurs along with a decrease in working and sporting activity.  Strength training assists in maintaining strength and mobility and is also good for conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis and related diseases as long as it is done is a controlled environment.   Independence has then be maintained for longer.  Recent studies show that strength training also decreases depression and enhances a positive outlook on life. In fact all sport does this but strength training is such a controlled sport that it is very appropriate for those with other medical conditions. That is a good reason to train on a regular basis.

With osteoporosis or any type of medical condition, it is important to get medical advice and assessment prior to training.  This needs to be done by those with specific training in this area such as physiotherapists.    At Grange physiotherapy we offer small strength training groups for those needing specific training.   Exercise programs are written by a qualified physiotherapist so that they are appropriate to the client’s needs, and training occurs for a one-hour period.  The classes are small so that the therapist can give individual attention whilst still being able to keep the price low. These classes are proving very popular especially with those clients with arthritis and other related conditions.  They are also appropriate for osteoporosis or just for general fitness.  The advantage in a small class is continual supervision and review of the training program.  There are also social aspects as well, which include encouragement and friendship.  It is easier to train with someone than to try to self motivate especially when in pain.   Therapists can also set up individual training programs should this be more appropriate.   It is important with all training programs to ensure regular training sessions for best results. 


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