Motor vehicle accidents account for a lot of injuries every year.  In a lot of cases, these accidents are not your fault.  When this is the case, medical costs and rehabilitation are covered under third party car insurance.  Most common problems are back and neck pain and these can vary from mild to major injury depending on the accident.  Many people do recover quickly from these accidents.  However, many people will require medical help and physiotherapy to regain full function and be pain-free.  If the accident was not your fault, make sure you obtain a doctor’s referral before coming for physiotherapy so that you are covered under third party insurance which is most cases is bulk-billed so there should be no cost to the client.

If you are not covered under Third Party Motor Vehicle Insurance, or the claim is denied, then you can still come in for treatment but you may be responsible for treatment costs.

Don’t suffer unnecessary pain if you have been involved in a car accident.  Get assessed and treated for best results

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