Soft tissue injuries should settle fairly quickly.  When they don’t the cause may be something else.  Low Backs that are not functioning properly may refer down the leg or create a biomechanical overload of muscles down the leg.  If your pain becomes chronic and doesn’t go away, get an assessment from an experienced physiotherapist.  The longer the problem is there, the harder it can be to get rid of it.  Although it is quite rare, occasionally you can experience a back injury, which produces only thigh pain.  This can be wrongly diagnosed as all the symptoms seem to show a thigh strain and the back may not have been checked.  Should there be no improvement after treatment a suspicion should be placed on the lower back area and this needs to be checked.  A full lower leg biomechanical assessment is necessary for a complete diagnosis.  With appropriate treatment to the cause of the problem, not necessarily where the pain is, symptoms should start to settle.  Most cases the injury you see and feel is the injury, but not always.  If you have any major concerns see your local physiotherapist.

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